What do we have to consider before buying an entrance door?


        Every house has its own entrance door, and it acts like your name card. At first glance, appearance may be the most important, but in fact, performance such as anti-theft or thermal-insulated shall prevail. Below we have summarized all the important things you need to pay attention to before buying an entrance door.

        1. Material types of entrance doors

        It is necessary for the entrance door to be in harmony with the overall appearance of the house, and what's more important, it should have reliable functionality. In addition to the appearance, the type of material is also crucial, which will determine whether the entrance door is strong, safe, thermal-insulated and easy to maintain. The most commonly used materials for entrance doors include synthetic materials, aluminum, steel and wood. Before you buy a new entrance door, you should consider what your individual demands are.

Figure: apart from the look of an entrance door, the type of material is important as well.

        2. Security performance of entrance doors

        When it comes to entrance doors and apartment doors, if you do not choose security doors, you shall at least consider using multiple locks. Self-locking doors also have many advantages.

        3. Thermal insulation of entrance doors
       When you decide to buy a new entrance door, in addition to security and appearance, it is also necessary to think about thermal insulation. Well thermal-insulated entrance doors can contribute to economic benefit, for example, to keep the indoor heating temperature. Those thin materials, heat-conducting materials, no padding and mail receptions can all lead to heat loss.

        4. Design of entrance doors

      If there is less light in the entrance area of the house, it is recommended to use the entrance door with glazing. Color and design elements, such as stainless steel components or an operator with LED lights, will infuse the entrance door with a distinctive style. For users who want to maintain a consistent appearance, they can choose an entrance door with the same appearance as the garage door. If you prefer a modern style, you can choose the fully covered doors. In this way, the flank of door leaf and the door leaf itself can stay in harmony, make the entrance door feeling capacious all the more. For the large and spacious entrance area, the entrance door can also be as high as the ceiling.

Figure: Colors, design-applications and glazing give the door a special touch.

        5. Operators of entrance doors

      If your hands are both fully occupied by shopping bags, a door that opens automatically will bring a lot of convenience. Now modern entrance doors equipped with smart home technology can be unlocked via handheld controllers or even Apps. What's more important, if a door operator is installed, the door can even open automatically. There are also fingerprint scanning and password devices on doorknobs that can free you from the hassle of searching for keys in a cluttered bag. The ease of entering the room without keys is also very convenient for children.

Figure: automated entrance doors can be easily operated by using a hand operator or an App.
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