How to clean my garage door?


        When temperature is getting higher and the days are getting longer, many people are starting with their spring-cleaning around the house and garden. Windows are going to be cleaned, the floors need to be scrubbed and the weeds shall be removed. Apart from that, doors and garage doors should be cleaned regularly to ensure the security performance and avoid being stuck by dust.

Figure: a clean garage door is beautiful and also can protect the materials inside.

        Devices for cleaning garage doors:

       For a durable and clean Hörmann garage door, you need to clean it about every three months. You can try using the cleaning tools as below: 

        1. Clear water helps to remove the rough dirt from the garage door; 

        2. With cleansers you can remove stubborn dirt; 

        3. A cleaning cloth is important to avoid any scratches during cleaning.

       Clear water, cleanser sand a cleaning cloth, which are all you need to clean your garage door. You can easily wipe away the rough dirt with cold water from the surface of the door. Be careful: tougher dirt or sand may lead to scratches when wiping them off. For such tough dirt you should never use scrubbing agents, but to use warm water and a cleanser instead (pH value 7).

        How to clean glazing and other materials of my door?

       Generally speaking, it is always a good choice to dip a clean cloth in water and wipe them with it. Dirt and dust can be wiped off from glazing surfaces, door handles, seals as well as sensitive parts between panels and frames. As time goes by, some glazing may get scratched and blurred, which is of no help even cleaned. In this case, you can contact professionals to change a new one. When glazing made of synthetic material got just a little bit dirty, clear water and a cleaning cloth will help to make it spotless and bright again. Stainless steel parts can be cleaned by a cleaning cloth and warm water with cleanser inside. To remove dirt or discoloration, you can use normal stainless steel cleanser for the household use. Scrubbing agent should not be used, as this would leave scratches to the surface. After cleaning, distilled water shall be used to wipe off the stainless steel parts again, this helps to avoid chalk spots.

        How often should I clean my garage door?

     Hörmann garage doors are long living and durable, therefore a good caring of each single component is necessary. Here we would like to kindly recommend: remove dust and dirt with a wet cloth about every three months. For those special circumstances, such as with salty air by the sea, air pollution by streets or road salt in winter, more frequent cleaning can be helpful. Apart from that you should check to ensure there are no dirt particles when painting the door surface.

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