Since its official entry into China in 1998, Hörmann has been persisting in developing the Chinese market, providing products and services that customers can trust, and bringing German technology and service concepts into China. Through constant exploration, practice and innovation, Hörmann provides you with services for every stage of your asset lifecycle. We have established a whole set of one-stop service system to maximize the protection for customer's interests by ensuring availability of professional and timely services ranging from solution model selection to design, from product installation to commissioning, and all the way to maintenance and servicing, etc.

400 Call Center

Just dial our service hotline at 400-6507-888, and a customer service representative will provide you with professional consultation regarding products, technology, use and after-sales service. You can also get callback and services such as online troubleshooting, repair dispatching, service reservation and complaint handling to ensure that your problems can be resolved in a timely and successful way.

Technical Support

We always pay attention to the needs of our customers. To ensure efficient and reasonable utilization of our products, it is quite essential to ensure the scientific and professional system design. Our senior technical engineers are always standing by to provide you with not only free professional consultation but also standardized and customized solutions.

Installation and After-Sales Service

To ensure the correct installation and successful operation of your product, our technical service engineers will provide free installation guidance and commissioning services. Within the warranty period, our service engineers and nationwide authorized service network will promptly provide you with maintenance and repair services for problems caused by product quality defects; beyond the warranty period, you can choose to sign a maintenance and servicing contract with us to ensure that your product receives thorough care throughout its service life for your peace of mind. You can also choose to dial our Service Hotline at 400-6507-888 to request a repair, where we will provide the same warm-hearted and professional service.

After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service



If you have any questions or requirements on products or replacement on accessories, please directly dial 4006507888 or leave your contact information and detailed requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible.

The vision is to close all openings in China with high-tech solutions from Hörmann.
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