5 tips for more light in the entryway


        The light in the entryway of the house helps a lot especially during the winter months to have more safety on your house. When coming home late at night, good light can help to have better orientation. It ensures that you can get home safely even when it is dark. In addition, burglars will always avoid those well lighted plots. Here are five tips to help you get more light from your driveway to your garage and entrance areas.

        1. Lamps to lighten your driveway
       The outdoor lights in the driveway can guide your way from the street to the garage. Well placed lights on the floor or beside the driveway can help you to drive your car safely into the garage. What counts is, that the lamps are placed in a position where they will not disturb you. Motion detectors activate the light when it is required. 

Figure: By using the BiSecur App or the hand remote controls can not only control the automated garage doors and door leaves, but also the lights in the entryways of the house.

        2. Select suitable garage lights to ensure safe parking

        Lights on the front side of the garage helps to park your car safely and highlights the facade of the house as well as the garage door. The wall lights placed on the left and right side of the garage driveway are not only beautiful but also highlight the width of the driveway. The usage of motion detectors, that activates the light only when it is required is also a good solution in this case. Inside the garage, a good light situation is necessary so as not to crash into anything like bikes or garbage bins, etc. 

Figure: Lamps on the wall of the house are not only beautiful for the optical appearance, they also offer safety when parking.

        3. Street lights to ensure a clear view

       Street lights can help you safely enter the door, especially to illuminate small objects such as flower pots, steps or stairs that are easily overlooked. In addition, it can also do lots of help to your visitors or deliveryman. Elegantly designed lighting will also make the house look more beautiful. Both floor lamps and vertical lamps can be used as street lights.

        4. Abundant lighting in entry areas

       Abundant lighting makes it easy for people to enter the house. Hallway overhead lights can be installed above the entrance doors or light fixture may be installed on the walls to illuminate the entrance area. Lights in the entrance areas can welcome visitors and scare away intruders such as burglars. The door handle is equipped with LED light, which is convenient and beautiful.

Figure: Spotlights at the entryway offer a good light situation for both people who are living there and visitors as well.

        5.Make the entrance area much brighter

       The entrance door is just like the name card of your residence. Just the same as the requirements for ground, it is necessary to make people feel comfortable when using the entrance door. During the daytime, entrance doors with glass side element allow natural light to pass through and illuminate the ground. Brightly colored walls and slate roads, or bright floors and ceilings, make the house look more spacious. If your entrance area looks a bit small, you can try using a mirror to improve the sense of space. Doors with glass materials or components can make more light pass through the door into the room and illuminate the floor as well.

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