Industrial Sectional Doors

A broad business range means that, in terms of both function and design, Hörmann sectional doors blend ideally into modern industrial architecture, from the standardized all-purpose unit to the individual designer-style buildings. Sectional doors open upwards, which creates space in front of and behind the door. Space is not wasted in the building because the door sections are parked underneath the ceiling or vertically on the wall. Since the doors are fitted behind the opening, the clear passage width can be used in full, which virtually excludes the risk of damage.

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SPU F42 XL APU F42 SPU F42 ALR F42 SPU 67 Thermo

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Other Customized Services

We can provide you with customized solutions regarding colors, glazing, handles and control system, etc.

Product Parameters

Created with Sketch. 8000 7000 5 track application 42mm Manual/Electrical Optional Optional 6000 7500 4 track application 67mm Manual/Electrical Optional Not available 11400 4500 2 track application 42mm Electrical Optional Not available 8000 7000 5 track application 42mm Manual/Electrical Standard Optional 8000 7000 5 track application 42mm Manual/Electrical Standard Optional Max. width(mm) Max. height(mm) Thickness of panel Operation Track application Glazing Wicket door SPU F42 Product\Parameter SPU F42XL SPU 67 APU F42 ALR F42

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The vision is to close all openings in China with high-tech solutions from Hörmann.
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