Fire-rated Doors

Hörmann boasts more than 50 years of experience in the production of steel fire-rated doors. With Hörmann steel fire-rated doors, you are guaranteed with decades of quality and safety assurance. All steel fire-rated doors of Hörmann have passed the tests of China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and National Standard of the People’s Republic of China, and all procedures including design, production and after-sales service are subject to the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). Therefore, Hörmann steel fire-rated doors are widely used in the fire zones from industrial and mining enterprises, public institutions, residential projects, hospitals and aviation companies, etc.

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01Fire-Resistance Duration

Hörmann is one of the first batch of enterprises obtaining CCC Certificate for fire-rated doors

All Hörmann steel fire-rated doors produced and sold since September 1st, 2015 had passed CCC Certificate. Hörmann Beijing Door Production Co., Ltd. had become one of the first batch of enterprises obtaining CCC Certificate for fire-rated doors. With the strong fire-resistance duration of 90 min., your life is guaranteed with more safety and reliability.


02Fire-Resistance Materials

A variety of fire-resistant materials are adopted and utilized

Hörmann steel fire-rated doors are infilled with fire-proof boards, which can provide good fire-proof and thermal-insulated performances. In addition, the fire-proof seal strip mounted around 4 sides can effectively block the spread of smoke.

  • Fire-resistant seal strip
  • Fire-resistant boards
  • Fire-resistant glazing

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Fire-resistant seal strip

Good airtightness

Fire-resistant materials

03A variety of levels

Multiple fire-rated levels to meet your diverse needs

04Exterior accessories

Imported hardware accessories for your selection

Colorful powder coating surfaces, hardware, Decograin finishes and multiple accessories for your choices

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Door selector available

Anti-panic door locks with bar available

Door closer available

BiSecur Smart Home

Convenient and secure living

Door Operator PortaMatic

For barrier-free, convenient living

Perimeter Protection Systems

Bollards, road blockers, tyre killers, lift barriers

Comparison of Parameters

Product\Parameter HC90CCC HC60CCC HC30CCC
Fire-resistant Duration (Min.) 90 60 30
Door Leaf Thickness (mm) 70 60 50
Infill Good-quality fire-proof boards Good-quality fire-proof boards Good-quality fire-proof boards
Standard Frame Width (mm) 114 / 150* 114 100
Standard Hinges 3D-160 Adjustable Hinges Reinforced Hinges Reinforced Hinges
Fire-Resistance Glazing Thickness (mm) 35 28 28
Max. Door Width (mm) 3000 2100 2100
Max. Door Height (mm) 3000 2300 2300
Fire-resistant Glazing Multi-layer composite fire-proof glazing Multi-layer composite fire-proof glazing Multi-layer composite fire-proof glazing
Company Certificates

WSF Certificate (for quality), WSF Certificate (for environment), 3C Certificate

Application Scenarios

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The vision is to close all openings in China with high-tech solutions from Hörmann.
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